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UNIFARMA distributes food supplements which are registered in Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia (FVS). Our product portfolio includes:

  • Unifarma food supplements for daily health and well-being, such as melatonin, vitamin D, zinc, activated charcoal, fish oil, valerian, pancreatin enzyme, colostrum, gripe water etc.
  • Unifarma Herbals - specially developed ayurvedic food supplements and teas, which are produced in Latvia according to ancient Indian recipes, in compliance with the strict quality standards. Product line also includes dermaseptic and joint pain relief ayurvedic cream and gel.
  • A wide range of food supplements for children and adults from Aptiekas Produkcija, which is one of the leading Latvian manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience and offers ISO 22,000, GMP and HACCP certified contract manufacturing services and food supplements for various market segments in the Baltics, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asian markets.

Food supplements of the manufacturers and brands we represent can be purchased in the e-shop  and in the largest pharmacies and supermarket chains in Latvia.

Aptiekas Produkcija

Unifarma Product catalog

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