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 Lilit BEAUTY AWARDS 2023, Latvia

Lilit BEAUTY AWARDS 2023, Latvia

On December 5th, 2023, UNIFARMA, together with the Latvian manufacturer Aptiekas produkcija, participated in the Lilita magazine's "Lilit BEAUTY AWARDS 2023", which annually evaluates and collects the best of the best products in the beauty care. All products are tested by a jury and this year more than 200 participants were evaluated.

We are grateful to the professional jury for the high evaluation of the food supplements we represent:

DORMINORM® SPRAY WITH MELATONIN - The best anti-aging vitamin complex of the year!

UNIFARMA PREMIUM D3 VITAMIN SPRAY 4000 IU – The best sun preparation vitamins of the year!

MIGREGON - The best vitamin complex of the year for beauty and health!

HEALINATURE® COMPLEX FOR HAIR, NAILS AND SKIN - The best food supplements of the year for hair beauty and health!

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